Happierleads: The Ultimate B2B Website Visitor Identification Software


Introducing Happierleads: The Ultimate B2B Website Visitor Identification Software

London, United Kingdom – May 13, 2024 (USANews.com) – Happierleads is revolutionizing the way B2B companies identify, qualify, and engage with anonymous website visitors. With the ability to track website visitors even when they are working from home or using personal devices, Happierleads is the go-to solution for Sales, Growth, and Marketing teams across various industries.

One of the key features of Happierleads is the ability to segment traffic by creating behavioural and demographic filters, allowing users to score leads automatically based on their web activity. This helps companies target high-intent visitors who may not be converting, ultimately increasing productivity and conversions.

In addition, Happierleads offers an internal email campaign prospecting and outreach tool, allowing users to schedule and send email drip campaigns on autopilot. With access to over 180 million+ contacts and in-house prospecting capabilities, Happierleads makes it easy for companies to connect with potential leads and kickstart deals, also providing helpful training resources via the Happierleads Academy.
“We are thrilled to offer a solution that not only tracks B2B website visitors but also provides access to a robust global database of contacts,” said George Georgiadis, founder and CEO of Happierleads.
“Our platform is designed to help Sales, Growth, and Marketing teams automate lead generation, increase conversions, and turn anonymous traffic into opportunities.”

Happierleads is fully GDPR/CCPA compliant and offers CRM integrations with popular platforms such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, Slack, and Zoho. For users with other CRM systems, Happierleads also offers Webhooks and Zapier integrations for seamless integration.

To learn more about Happierleads and how it can benefit your B2B company, visit https://happierleads.com.

About Happierleads:
Happierleads is a leading B2B website visitor identification software that helps companies identify, qualify, and engage with anonymous website visitors. With features such as lead scoring, email campaign prospecting, and CRM integrations, Happierleads is the ultimate solution for Sales, Growth, and Marketing teams looking to increase productivity and conversions.

At its core, Happierleads operates as a sophisticated IP identification solution, seamlessly integrating with business websites to track and analyze the IP addresses of visitors. Through its proprietary algorithms and extensive database, Happierleads matches these IP addresses with known companies, unraveling the veil of anonymity shrouding website traffic.

The implications of this technology are nothing short of transformative. By harnessing the power of Happierleads, businesses can:

Enhance Conversion Rates: Armed with insights into anonymous website visitors, businesses can craft targeted email outreach campaigns to drive conversions.

Refine Targeting Strategies: The detailed visitor profiles generated by Happierleads empower businesses to tailor their marketing efforts with surgical precision. From industry-specific messaging to personalized content, businesses can resonate more effectively with their target audience.

Elevate Personalization: In the realm of email marketing, personalization reigns supreme. Happierleads facilitates unparalleled levels of personalization by furnishing visitor-specific details such as names, companies, and industries, fostering deeper connections and engagement.

Maximize ROI: With its cost-effective approach to lead generation, Happierleads offers businesses a high return on investment. By re-engaging anonymous website visitors through email outreach, businesses can unlock substantial revenue streams with minimal financial outlay.

In short, Happierleads is a game-changer for businesses looking to excel online. It helps them find and convert website visitors, unlocking their full potential in the digital world. As businesses adapt to the changing online landscape, Happierleads becomes an essential tool for long-term success. Its unique ability to identify and engage visitors heralds a new era of growth and profitability for businesses.

George Georgiadis
Founder & CEO
[email protected]



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